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Brotherhood Without Manners - A Song of Ice and Fire Re-Read Podcast

Apr 16, 2021

Brotherhood Without Manners, your favorite full spoiler reread podcast of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, is back with another chapter from Storm of Swords.

This episode we read Daenerys 2 as she has arrived in Astapor against the wishes of Bary the Bold.

Dany is meeting with a slaver in an attempt to gain access to the legendary Unsullied.

We meet the absolute badass Missendai and see her outstanding skills as a translator.

Kraznys disrespects Dany and we see how strong of a woman she has become as she holds strong maintaining her composure.

Dany confronts nasty Jorah as she contemplates her next step in conquering her home of Westeros.

As always we read listener emails and give some inductees!

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