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Brotherhood Without Manners - A Song of Ice and Fire Re-Read Podcast

Jan 31, 2019

In this episode Brotherhood Without Manners breaks down the second chapter of George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones. As Ned prays in the godswood, Catelyn has urgent news for her husband. Also, see who this weeks inducted member is according to the brothers.

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Jan 24, 2019

In this episode the Brotherhood dives headfirst into the first true chapter of the Game of Thrones series. They tackle Bran 1, covering the intro of Theon, Jon, and Robb. As well as some grim foreshadowing that we are already encountering.

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Jan 17, 2019

In this episode the Brotherhood begins the epic journey into the Game of Thrones book. We dive headfirst into the Prologue where we meet The Nights Watch and a few of the members. We are introduced to the wildlings, as well as the mysterious Others. Listen to our thoughts as we break down this introduction to the world...

Jan 17, 2019


Zach - Hey everybody, welcome to Brotherhood Without Manners a Game of Thrones podcast by Game of Thrones fans for Game of Thrones fans.

Zach - I'm Zach-

Nate - and I am Nate-

Zach - And we are two brothers who-

Nate - Have no manners what so ever.

Zach - Well, obviously that's in the name right there, but...