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Brotherhood Without Manners - A Song of Ice and Fire Re-Read Podcast

Mar 2, 2020

Your favorite full spoiler reread podcast of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, Brotherhood Without Manners is back with the another chapter from Clash of Kings. This time we are reading Dany 2!

  • Dany arrives in the "greatest city in the world" Qarth.
  • After receiving many praises and a greeting worthy of a Queen, Dany settles and questions all her new "friends".
  • Dany receives a warning from Quaithe the Shadowbinder from Asshai.
  • Jorah brings Dany the captain of the Cinnamon Wind who finally delivers the news of Robert Baratheon's death to the Mother of Dragons.


As always we give our chapter inductees and read some listener write ins.



Small Council break start - 21:31

Small Council break end - 23:39


All Music credits to Ross Bugden
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